Smart Farming for Sustainable poverty reduction.

We intend to change the lives of over 540 million small holder families in the world through the concept of smart farming. This will entail introducing smart farming methods as our products and services to small holder farmers and make them available to every hard-working smallholder farmer willing to transform their lives. Our business will include: Solar powered water pumps that will reduce the cost of pumping water to almost zero and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the air, Off grid solar power systems that will reduce reliance to grid connectivity and reduce the cost of powering homes for small holder families, drips and mist irrigation systems that will help to effectively utilize the available water for irrigation, greenhouses installations and training, partnering with communities in arid and semi-arid areas to construct water harvesting ponds in order to transform non-productive lands for agriculture, agronomy support services and agribusiness consultancy services to farmers in order to advise farmers and solicit market for their produce. Having interacted with smallholder farmers in the eastern part of Kenya, we have seen the thirst for transformation with many smallholder farmers who do everything possible to earn a living through small scale farming but frustrated due to lack of adequate support. We intend to raise working capital in order to be able to develop products and services that will boost these farmers way of living by:

I). Reducing the time spent on manual irrigation methods such as buckets, manual pumps and treadle pumps.

II). Shift from diesel/petrol/electricity generated pumps to solar powered water pumps.

III. Do away with the traditional lighting and cooking methods eg kerosene lanterns, firewood etc to solar powered off-grid methods.

IV). Advise our customers on the effective farming techniques and access to the market for their produce so as to realize value for the money spent on our products and services.

V). Provide these products and services on credit to hardworking and dedicated smallholder farmers who portray their willingness and ability to take part in our transformation initiative.

The funds we shall raise through these drive shall be used strictly and solely for these purpose and in getting the human capital required to steer the initiative, reaching out to networks we can partner in seeing these initiative become a reality and in research and development to ensure we give excellent products and services to our customers.

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