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: Hello, my name is Wodagira and I live in Kamuli. Kamuli is one of the areas where there are many street children and orphans. There are an estimated 1.7 million orphans in Kenya. An estimated 700 children are orphaned every day. Most of these children withdraw from school due to lack of family support, high poverty levels, epidemics, unemployment and disabilities amongst their parents/ guardians. Malnutrition increases the chances of children dying from diseases. Proper nutrition improves the orphans' immune system, helps them fight off disease, helps them focus in school, and eases the painful ache in their belly.

There are many fundamental things that these children need like clothes, shelter, education, medical care and most of all food. This project intends to focus mostly on providing food to these children who have no one to help them. We would like to cover for all the other important things but we cannot manage that now, this will be a future plan so we will currently just focus on providing food. Food is very important to any human being but most especially to a child for both physical and mental growth.

We will start with 55 children and later advance to helping more depending on the donations that we will receive. Therefore we ask you to join hands to help provide food to the children in Kamuli who are suffering. Your donations will help provide proper nutrition and save the life of an orphan. Feed a child now, feed the future.

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Created March 19, 2019

Wycliff Wodagira Eria

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