Being a region in the northern part of Uganda, East Africa that has suffered for more than 20 years from civil war, it is still a great challenge as the level of illiteracy still dominates the region due to high level of poverty which has made many young girls and boys failed to access education in order to have a reasonable level of understanding for a sustainable living. Despite an attempt by several NGO's, government to provide sponsorship, cheap and affordable education to several children to most of the affected children, it is still insufficient due to high rate of population growth that stands at 3.26% per year in the country.

In my resent visit in one of the villages in Kole District, Northern Uganda, I realized that there are many young people who are not at school, drop out, who can’t make it to school because their parents can't afford the school fees due to poverty, others are orphans yet these children are the future doctors, lawyers, leaders but now with a dead hope. in my interaction with them, they are much more interested in perusing their career given the opportunity to go back to school hence the need to look for willing persons who can join me in educating children not only in the community I visited but also to the persons under this similar condition within the sub region by sending them to primary, secondary, university, technical and vocational schools to give them a future. They will be sent to competitive schools where they can learn from.

This project intends to start with helping some of these young children and later advance to helping many of them. We are asking for anyone who would want to be part of this to join us and donate $6000 that will cover school fees, scholastic needs and personal effects for a whole year, I have managed to make a personal contribution of $4,389 but could not cover the rest therefore am asking for your support in this.

The willing donors should know that this is a one year budget and the budget for the education needs will be prepared on a yearly basis because it is a continuous project. The funds are needed this month of March and April to allow them start schooling immediately. I will offer my effort and time together with 3 other volunteers to implement, supervise and ensure that this project achieve its intended purpose. Thank you

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Created March 19, 2019

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