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The main aim of this project is to raise money to support a Rehabilitation center in Dar es Salaam that assists people with Drugs Dependence and provide Relief. This is not a funded facility and therefore they face a lot of financial constraint. I have taken an interest on this particular project because I have a brother who has been going there and they have been taking care of him very well and I just wanted to thank them and assist them by helping the patients get healthier faster (through nutritious food) since I realized they have this challenge due to lack of enough funds.

They currently have 22 men and 7 women living there getting treatment and they only get basic food (porridge for breakfast, ugali for lunch and rice for dinner) and I know for a fact that nutrients like milk, all kind of veggies, fruits, grains as well are needed for faster and healthier recovery and other basic necessities. This is a small center that is doing a lot for the youth and helping them get better so that they can be better citizens.

This is my way of giving back and say thank you to the hard workers helping these youth get back to life and be cured, healthier and better. I would like to ask for your help to support this center through the provision of essential needs like food (rice, meat, wheat, beans, cooking oil, milk, veggies, fruits etc) and few facilities that would be used for hygiene since the whole concept of hygiene is important for such a center. Please join me if you are touched to help to donate a total of $300 for this rehabilitation center to touch the lives of these youth who are fighting to get their lives in order.

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Created March 19, 2019

Lucy Makoye

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