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My names are Lando Lucky a Christ faithful who is driven by a strong believe in helping others, sharing good and bad experiences, praying together and knowing God together. I am a refugee based in Kenya who happened to have passed a lot of challenges life since I was a small boy and I have learnt that it’s only through giving hope to the hopeless that can change nations tremendously. I was given hope of living again and I really feel so grateful to those who were involved in giving meaning to my life again. This has made me feel the need to do the same to others who are currently going through what I went, it has triggered me to come up with this project so I can offer anything and hope to those in need.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a helping hand to those who are currently facing the same difficulties because i understand better the feeling of hopelessness, having no food or clothes or even a place to stay. My main Goal is to restore hope and faith to those who are suffering in the Community by sharing with them the word of God and some of the basic needs. I shall be visiting them in their locations and helping them in various ways such as providing them with food and clothes and maybe in future if possible offer them a shelter.

I would like to ask everyone out there to come and support my initiative of reaching the people in our community who are suffering, the homeless people both children and grownups with food and clothes so that we can give them hope in their lives that at least there are people who care for them. Thank you so much and God will bless you

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Created March 19, 2019

Lando Lucky

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