Eradicate school dropout

Eradicate school dropout Description: Tanzania is one of the third world countries. The country has been striving to make sure that its citizens have better education, which can contribute to their socio-economic well-being. Attaining this has been difficult due to various reasons and one of them is having a high rate of dropouts. There different factors for dropouts such as death, truancy/ early marriage and pregnancy, poverty etc. This has resulted to many young girls and boys to be involved in bad companies that end up using drugs, being thieves on the streets, unplanned pregnancies and therefore the future and dreams of these young people is distorted at a very young age. Keep in mind these are the future doctors, lawyers, presidents etc.

This project intends to at least help reduce the rate of dropouts from school so as to ensure that we get the future doctors and lawyers. We do not want to see the future of these young people damaged very early when they are just beginning. Therefore we intend to help provide different school materials like uniforms. Stationaries, food, clothes and reproductive health education. Due to poverty these children lack important things that at the end of the day make them feel that there is no point of going to school if I have no food, uniform, facilities to use in school so why not start doing business selling small things to get money and this cause them to drop out of school and some end up pregnant or doing drugs.

I would like to ask for donations from anyone so that I may be able to provide these children with food, clothes, uniform, stationaries and also reproductive health education so they become aware of how they can take care of themselves. I intend to start with one primary school that is near where I live and if God wishes I would extend and help children in other schools as well. Kindly support this project so we can help these children.

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Created March 20, 2019

Faidha MSsangi

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