Conditions of School Latrines and their Effects on Community Health IN Kisumu County, Kenya

Sanitation is described as the disposal of excreta. Sanitation facilities are further defined to include latrines, toilets and hand washing facilities. The national school health policy looks at sanitation in schools as wholesomely by defining latrine quality based on the following parameters: latrine adequacy, latrine cleanliness, latrine privacy, latrine structures, latrine cleanliness and availability of hand washing facilities. The challenge of quality latrines is worse in schools in the developing world as compared to the developed. On average, approximately twenty-six percent of the population in Kenya is of school going age. Despite this high population in schools, approximately half of the schools in the developing countries do not have access to sanitary latrines and clean water and thus exposing the students to the risk of acquiring diseases related to inadequate sanitation facilities. Poor latrine utilization as a result of poor latrine quality plays a major role in the transmission of water related diseases such as diarrhea which can hinder the child development.

In schools, lack of adequate latrines or poor latrine quality has been noted to lead to pupil’s absenteeism of up to 10% and especially the female pupils due to lack of privacy. Lack of basic sanitation also indirectly inhibits the learning abilities of millions of school-age children who are infested with helminthes which are transmitted through inadequate sanitation facilities and poor hygiene. Poor knowledge on sanitation issues and poor attitude by the teachers has a direct negative effect on the sanitation level in the schools.

There are several government measures that have been taken to ensure that the conditions of latrines in schools are being improved but they have not managed to succeed to a hundred percent. This has triggered me to take up the initiative to help these children by repairing and modifying and some schools build completely new latrines. My goal is to help many schools as I can but I do not have the means to do that right now and that is why I humbly ask for donations from whoever is willing to assist so we can improve the conditions of the latrines in the schools. For now my target is to start the construction of standard latrines in two schools and therefore I would need an assistance of $2500. Your help and support in helping these school children will be highly cherished.

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