Lives of the Needy-Uganda is a community based organization that deals with supporting children who are needy and orphaned around the lake shores and Islands of Lake Victoria. It was started by Okulu Isaac and Othieno Richard to help children who are needy and orphaned and the target was to give support to all children who are needy and orphans around the Lake Shores and at the Islands of Buvuma. The project started with 7 children and currently we have 35 children that need our help and support. The main purpose of this project is to reduce the numbers of illiterates by giving the young unsupported children basic education that can enable them live a better life.

So we are looking for a donor(s) to help in the construction of an orphanage school because of the challenges of education that the children around these areas meet. They have no one to assist them and so we currently have a place where these children can learn but the condition of this place is not good and so we thought of building an orphanage school that will help these children. This will help the children in the project to have better education than engaging in other activities like for fishing and early marriages in girl children.

We are asking for $7000 for the construction of the orphanage school and we will start with two classes first for now that will help these children learn in a better environment. Below is the breakdown of how the donated money will be spent; 1) 15 Bricks @200000 = 3000000 (2) sand = 1050000 (3) Lake sand = 1750000 (4) 200 Cement @ 36000 = 7200000 (5) Nails (6, 4, 3, 2.5 inches) = 400000 (6) Iron bars (60 small size iron bars) = 2700000 (7) 40 iron sheets @ 65000 = 2600000 (8) 100 Timber @ 17000 = 1700000 (9) 7 wooden windows = 1260000 (10) 4 Doors @350000 = 1400000 (11) Labor (contractor) = 1000000. Total UGS 24060000 which is equivalent to $7000

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Created March 20, 2019


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