ELIMU BORA MSINGI BORA is a Swahili word which stands for (A BETTER EDUCATION IS A BETTER FOUNDATION). This project name is due to the way most communities in Africa face it hard when it comes to education support to the needy child in school especially at the primary school level which is the most that needs full/100% concentration. I am pleading to any supporting team out there or anywhere in the world that we are losing future leaders due to poverty so let us join hands for the poor child in school for a better tomorrow.

Having done a research on my community we have discovered that over 700 children live under the shade of poverty thus at risk of dropping out of school in the middle of the journey and mostly young girls’. The objective of ELIMU BORA MSINGI BORA! Program is to help these children facing challenges about the most basic requirements to stand a better studying environment to help them perform well and develop their careers. The tragedy of lack of educational support has led to kids involving themselves in drug abuse, prostitutions, early marriages, early pregnancies and also physical violence) and due to the current environment I feel that it’s not safe for the poor child that is still in school when the mother/father/guardian fails to meet all or the basic needs for the kid. We don’t want kids in businesses/working places we want them in school hence we need to support them in the basic needs in education environment.

We would want to ask for a donation of $2750 and below is the breakdown on how it will be used to assist these children.

1) COTTON FABRIC FOR UNIFORMS -1500 mtrs 100 150,000

(2) SHOES - 100 pair @600 60,000

(3) STUDYING LAMPS - 100 @300 30,000

(4) EXERCISE BOOKS - 100 @50 5000

(5) SCHOOL BAGS - 100 @300 30000

TOTAL 275,000KSH = 2750 USD


Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created March 29, 2019

Rajab Hajj

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