Improving the Performance for lower income students from rural schools in Zanzibar.

I am Ally Khamis from Zanzibar who is leading a special education project to help special students who learn far distance from Zanzibar Town. I was a student in 2005 from Uroa secondary school who was the best and really exemplary but l failed mathematics and other science subjects. I later came to realize that for a long time rural students failed mathematics and other science studies hence makes them less competitive. Working as admission officer in Zanzibar University, l came to realize that rural students have limited access to join University and less competitive in the labor market. Looking on a solution to this problem, l came to realize that rural students have the same intellectual ability with urban students but failure to provide enough motivation effort and special priority from ministry and NGO is a source of a problem.

These students lack necessary things like enough teachers, few learning materials and the distance as to where the schools are mostly located. With that in mind l was thinking that, when society is busy with developing the schools in town the rural schools are completely forgotten. Because of that, l created a very strong group of seven members from Town to go and teach rural students for improving their performance and creating better chances of these children to join the universities and get better jobs in future.

However my team encounter by two serious problems in carrying out this project which are: 1. Lack of transport (for the teachers) because schools located 25 km from Zanzibar Town and this will cost $2000 for the year and 2. Lack of projectors and computers for teaching in the classrooms and we use projectors since the number of students are many and this would cost $1000. We ask for anyone who will be touched by this problem to donate for us since we believe that this will improve the performance of children in the rural areas and give them a better opportunity to compete in the real world.

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