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It’s a project that takes care of 30 children between the age of 6 months to 3 years from poor and affluent areas in Mathare by providing conducive and exclusive environment that is instrument in developing the child confidence, self-control and self-esteem that will help them to have a bright future and become a dependable members of the community. The children will be well feed, play, cloth, grow and get out from the risk of sexual and physical abuse and their educational foundation will be laid, then we would be building a foundation for future leaders. The project has the following components; Nutritional program; where on Saturdays when parents come for their children we advise them on the best feedings that are easily available. Most parents feeds their children with unhealthy and non-nutritional food. This result to healthy problems to the children. With any assistance we contemplate to have an effective feeding program.

The second is weekly medical checkups; through networking, we engage the clinics around us on weekly basis to check on health situation of the children hence we further advice the parents on the states of their children. This reduces the chances of children falling sick to look for specialized treatment which could not be affordable to the parents. With more assistance we can stock medicines, first Aid kits to alleviate any situations that can affect the child (Fever, Diarrhea and accidents) Children playing kits; these tools are more essential since a child’s mind develop much when they play. In slums these are the tools we most lack and we would like to have toys (various), Numerical and Alphabetical items for children to have fun with. These makes the children to socialize more and improve their low esteem. Hygienic Program; in this situation, the children are exposed to many risks such as eating unhygienic food, water and soiling their cloths for long hours with no one to change them. With the assistance we can stock donation of Diaper and cloths to keep them warm and clean. The immediate solution would save the lives of children who scum to diseases before they attain the age of 6 years.

Operations; we expect to operate in a 3 room facility but contrary to that we operate in a 2 rooms (double room) of 10 by 10 feet rental. These is a health hazard since it’s the same room that host the 30 children, store food staffs, changing room, for sleeping, dinning and a few play indoor considering the outdoor danger in the slum. Parents of these children who live below a dollar only gives a very small contribution a day which is also a challenge to some of the parent to get the cash and this caters for rent and the welfare of the staffs which is also a challenge to get their salaries. We do this as volunteer job hoping to get somebody that will came to the rescue of the well-being of the children.

Hence we ask for a donation of $1500 that will help reduce the problems that the center face in helping these children and this is how it will be spent; 1) Rent 3 rooms @ $80 = $240 2) Salaries (5 caretakers) @$ 50 = $300 3) Other stuffs (5) @80 = $400 4) Food stuff = $398 5) Hygiene materials = $162 Total = $1500

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