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We are called save street kids with hope ministry in Uganda luuka district and we currently have 120 orphan kids who have no parents due to HIV Aids and we help these kids since they have no families but it becomes difficult because we have no permanent place for them. Because of this we get problems attending to them and therefore we need to have a permanent place for them. This will start with the purchase of land where we can build an orphanage house and later advance to a school.

Therefore we are requesting for help for these poor children to have land and build a home and school for them to have better education too and we try our best to help them but it’s not easy without any support. We have managed over the years to provide food for these children because we grow these things ourselves but the challenge we have is a home and eventually a school and if God bless us to get your support we shall do the best for these children to have education and better life. The other problem we are facing at the moment is lack of clean water.

There are many challenges but the immediate issue that we would require the assistance of anyone out there is the purchase of land so we can have a safe environment and home for these children to stay since they have no place they can call home and no roof over their heads. Hence we are asking for a donation of $5000 for purchase of land in Luuka district in Uganda. Thanks

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