Girl Child Empowerment

With Ugandan girls characterized with early school drop outs due to early marriages that come as results of forced marriages, defilement, harassment, and other cultural customs like denial of girls to go to school. My project is intended to educate families in rural areas the advantages of a girl child to the present society since what a man can do, a woman can as well do and do best. I base this on the single mothers that have successfully brought up their kids regardless of the presence of the presence of their bar frequent husbands. These mothers are examples of what women have become today in our Ugandan rural areas. I intend to take it to the grass roots and encourage the little girls there who are planning to get married or even planning to dropout because of the harassment of the locals who put it forward that girls are meant to produce kids only and not go to school.

We are asking for a donation of $3000 that will assist us mostly in the transportation since we will have to move from place to place, providing some sort of train and education to people in our community on the advantage and importance of educating a girl rather than marrying them off at a young age. Your support will be very helpful in making sure that we accomplish this project and reduce the number of drop outs of mostly the girls in school.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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