I have a target of helping 1000 needy girls from the slums. I have seen them struggle everyday with no help or support from anyone. They face a lot of challenges growing up because they lack the basic needs most of the time and as young girls there are certain things that are important to them but because of the hardships of life they fail to get them. These include things like sanitary pads and also reproductive education when growing up especially for those who cannot manage to go to school because they certainly can’t afford.

This project aims at collecting enough fund that will help provide sanitary pads/towels for young girls in the slums that cannot afford this and hence fail to go to school and also they lack the confidence they need to just face life. These children face many problems as they are growing up in slums, we ask each one of you to please support them so that this problem is at least lifted from them so that they should not worry again about this problem.

The estimated amount that we would like to ask is $2000 where $1500 will be used to provide sanitary towels to these young girls and also reproductive health education and $500 will be used for holding campaigns to raise more money in future that would help more girls. We plan to start with 1000 girls but there are so many young girls in the slums that need our help. We are thankful for whatever support will be given remember what may seem small to you may be so big to someone else so please let’s come together to help these young girls.

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