Assistance for medical care fee (health insurance)

Mutual association for social development (MASD) has 625 vulnerable members that live in hard conditions that include 165 men, 192 women and 268 children. The association teaches them how to take care of themselves by supporting them with small revenue generating activities. In the three past years, we’ve managed to pay for them medical care fees that is health insurance through an agreement made with an environment health care which costs 563$ per month that makes a total of $ 6756 a year. But it’s unfortunate that currently we have had no outside help making it so hard to continue to provide the health insurance for them.

This requested amount can help us cover the year 2019-2020 which begins September 25, 2019 where $ 563 per month is needed to cover for these vulnerable people. We managed to get assistance for the past three years but now we lack the means to cover for the coming year. This is why we need further assistance from anyone out there so we can be able to raise this amount to help our fellows who are not able to provide for themselves due to hard conditions of life.

The requested amount of $ 6756 per year will only be used for medical care for the 623 people who are now leaving under hard conditions. God will bless you for your support in this.

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