Over the last two decades, the eastern part of the DRC has experienced violent and repetitive conflicts due to among other things, the

politicization of identity, citizenship, access to resources, political power. This has resulted to chronic poverty, social exclusion, sexual and gender-based violence which has created a situation for manipulation and negative mobilization. This has had a particularly serious negative impact on the overall life of the population, especially women, girls and children.

Faced with this situation, action is urgently needed to support women who are more affected and enable them to engage in

income-generating activities to terminate and restore their livelihoods. The project will first deal with 150 women and girls for 3 months and the remainder of the target group will be recovered later on when we have enough funds. The total cost of this project is $ 5000, which outlines the expenses as follows:

1)Investment of premises for the vocational training of beneficiaries on different activities: $1300

2)Acquisition of materials and inputs that will be used: $1200

3)implementation of the sales units and implementation of the monitoring and management system: $750

4)Granting of micro credits: $1250

5)transportation and communication: $500

We really need everyone's support in helping these women and girls. Thank you

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created April 16, 2019

Justin Muhanuka
Democratic Republic of the Congo

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