I represent a Community Based organization in Central Uganda, EAST AFRICA. Our focus is environmental conservation and economic empowerment and its linkages. We have managed to do a research and it is estimated that the safe water coverage in the entire Nangobo sub-county is 49% for a population of 146,400 people (Population and housing census 2014). The technical team estimates the local population is now over 200,000 people. Most of the residents in these remote areas thus, draw water from unprotected natural springs. A random water quality testing done in 2015 reveals high levels of coliform bacteria and turbidity. This is a result of increased human activity leading to direct contamination and destruction of the water catchment areas.

The destruction of water catchment areas and climate change phenomenon, affects the supply of underground water and in some instances, especially after prolonged severe drought, the springs have dried. The few clean/ safe water sources are far away and the National water grid is over 6km away. This means the residents have to walk long distances while fetching water leading to loss off productive time. Most times it is the children who fetch the water affecting their school time. The survey also revealed that the hygiene/ sanitation conditions in households are far from satisfactory. This coupled with the lack of safe and clean water, have led to high incidences of water borne/ hygiene related diseases like diarrhea imparting negatively the health status and productivity.

This project intends to help change the situation as a way of enhancing the health status and productivity of the vulnerable rural communities. In doing so we plan to engage in planting indigenous tree species to protect water catchment areas and growing vegetables as well. We believe this will help solve the water problem to a large extend. Therefore we would like to ask for a donation of $5891 which will be used in the following ways;

1-Construction of one 5000 litre spring water tank $ 5486

2-Tree planting (300 indigenous tree seedlings) $ 405

Total $ 5891

We therefore need your support in helping our community have access to clean water and reduce the problems we currently face due to lack of water in our community. Thank you

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