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Hands of Mercy is a local passionate team of friends aimed at assisting the very bright and intelligent but needy and helpless children to access education and a better livelihood. Inspired by our own biographic histories, blessed as we call ourselves, we work together to impact the society. Started in 2016 after a hearty and touching story of a 13 year old girl who was aired on a local Television. Joan, is an HIV/AIDS victim, disabled and orphaned and yet being oppressed by a heartless step mother. We were touched by this story and so we took it upon ourselves to help and rescue her from her situation. Eventually she started school, ARVS medication, had her immunity boosted and her welfare catered for, loved and accepted in society.

Today, we have also had over 25 children in school who have no help or support, fifteen boys and ten girls in secondary school that we fully take care for their needs and 10 that we share responsibility with other stakeholders. These 10 are all in primary school. We are currently operating in the south western Uganda but with hopes of extending to the entire country. We also plan to set up a vocational training centre in Ntungamo district in future aimed at equipping girl children drop outs and victims of both early but failed marriages with a view of giving them a practical skill and push to become self-employed. The problem that we are currently facing is the lack of enough money to effectively help these children receive the support they need.

We therefore ask for your support in making sure these children’s needs are well catered for, Below is the breakdown of how much we want and how this amount will be spent to help these children. 1: Tuition fee -Secondary @ $200 for 25 students = $5000 (per term) 2: Tuition fee -Primary @ $30 for 10 students = $300 (per term) 3: Welfare ($ 20× 25) = $500 Total - $ 5800

Your donations can make a difference in these beautiful souls and their lives/welfare will forever be changed and their future secured. Thanks

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Created May 3, 2019

Fred Tumwebaze

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