I am from Njombe District which is on the Southern highlands of Tanzania. I come from a low income family and I have had to work extra hard so as to survive and help my family as well. I thought starting a poultry business will help me and my family come out of poverty. Therefore I have done my best and have managed to start a poultry business that can accommodate almost 200 Local Chickens. My plan for the near Future is to start a Local Chicken Butchery and sale eggs as well. I've started with 20 chickens and am expecting to grow them into at least hundred in first hatch within time my plan is to extend to at least 500 local Chicken, this will help me because I will sell both the chicken and eggs that will help me get money for me and my family

The plan is to soon expand this project and in so doing I will need to have extra funds. I am looking for Funds to buy Modern feeders that is used to feed the chicken because what we are currently using now is the local one that has not been effective since a lot of food is wasted while they are feeding because they pour most of the food. Second is to buy timber and extend their cage because we intend to have more and what we have now will not be able to hold them, we also need funds to build small raising facilities for hatched small chick's and a warming equipment since they need to be kept warm at all times, and finally we need electricity for this and so we require things like wires, bulbs and a single pole to lighten the place at night. This is because it is very cold in Njombe and so they need to be kept warm at all times in order for them to survive.

I am asking for your support in helping me expand this poultry business so that I can improve my standard of living and say no to poverty.

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Salim Msigwa

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