The project aims at promoting entrepreneurial and skills to enable youth create employment. The program targets both in school and out of school youth. The project is focusing on the most underprivileged youth surviving on meager of resources and constantly seeking out a purpose for their life. We plan to work with the youth who have never been nurtured and reared in a way to develop into a productive generation, because of which the petty crimes in the community is constantly on rise. The delinquency amongst them is not detrimental for the youth only but the entire society is on the verge of eruption, as they had no means to devise a solution for the same.

The aim of this project is to provide vocational training to enable the youth acquire different skills such as cookery, bakery, tailoring and computer literacy that will enable them to cope with life and eliminate poverty. We will also train them in making fuel saving stoves and briquettes. To make this project a reality to help the youth we need everyone’s support to get the fund needed for 1)renting a place where all these activities will take place (2) paying the teachers who will be impacting the knowledge to the youth (3) also acquiring different equipment that will be used.

We ask for your help and support to ensure that this project works as intended to help the youth. Thank you

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