This project focuses on educating the youth about environment conservation using computers and smart phones whose usage is increasing and popular among them. An edutainment application for environmental conservation will be installed and run on desktops and android mobile phones. This application will be able to operate from anywhere even without internet.This project presents an opportunity to build a computer and mobile based games for sensitizing the youths and other users on environmental conservation Human induced climate change will increase average temperatures in Uganda by up to 1.5 degrees centigrade in the next 20 years causing global warming that has an effect on various aspects of life. Computer and video games have become very popular among children and adolescents’ life and play a prominent role in the culture of young people.

Games can be played everywhere in technology-rich environments equipped with laptops, smart phones and other digital devices. Intrinsic motivation that young people show towards games can be combined with educational content into what is often called digital game based learning. This is important because it provides a relevant and tangible learning experience for users and creates a positive, effective environment for learning. We will capture the information from the environmental audits in the games. Attention, interest and memory are heightened by a multi-sensory media thus improving environment conservation resulting into practical environmental solutions.An environmental audit will be carried out in five schools and the surrounding communities.

Meetings with communities and schools will be carried out to present to them and discussed the findings. Their contributions in creating a better environment have been vital when we came out with the final document. We will procure a Corona SDK Environment and lip droid environment soft wares. Then an edutainment application for environmental conservation will be developed using a spiral model process from the data collected within the communities and schools. In playing the game the player will have to choose the good environmental practices and eliminate those that are harmful to the environment. Each practice has a different score. In so doing, the player will be able to learn more about saving the environment. The duration of each game is sixty seconds (one minute),We will also do clean ups and plant one indigenous tree species (maesopsis eminii) and fruit trees in schools and communities which is fast growing and does well in this area.

Below is the breakdown of how the donated amount will be spent to accomplish this project; 1) Maesopsis eminii 600 seedlings = $ 300 (2) Fruit variety (oranges, mangoes, avocado, jack fruit, guava, sour sop, tamarin) 1,700 seedlings = $1,700 (3) Corona SDK environment software (purchase, development and installation) =$500 (4) LeapDroid software (purchase, development and installation) = $500 TOTAL $ 4,000

Please support this project by helping to raise $4000 to help save our environment

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