Empowering the youths, and other ages for development i.e. Social Status and all possible and positive aspects for poverty eradication. This will inspire many youths and adults to have a better universe which is poverty free. MISSION: Working with government, Non-Government organizations and all Stakeholders to curb down unemployment and eradicate poverty in our area. GOAL: Poverty eradication through joint minds, hands and increased saving.

OBJECTIVES: - To find out, speak out and fight out the challenges which have caused a financial cripple among the youth and all groups of people, using possible means. - Participate in activities which can lead to a better living environment i.e fighting diseases and environmental degradation, sensitization on this inclusive. - To start up joint fund services to which members will save and borrow funds with a reasonable cause. No interests in return. - Sensitize all groups of people i.e. in schools and institutions, and others towards an improvement in our social, economic and political hemisphere. - To create income generating activities that will provide income to support our families and benefit our community. - To improve on the level of management, and communication skills, making them adequate and reasonable. - Link with government and Non-Government organizations and all entities like clergy and special interest groups for proper service delivery. - Poverty eradication from our community. - To participate in general development plans of our country Uganda. - To improve saving culture and wise spending. - Creating awareness on issues affecting our community like diseases, environmental degradation, political matters, crimes and others. - Mindset change in all people through making trainings, workshops and using media. All activities which can cause a positive impact will be considered.

Most importantly, we want to rehabilitate street kids whose number has escalated in our town. Please help us to raise this amount to support this project

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