Help Us Support 80 Deaf and Mute Students in Sierra Leone This Holiday Season!

Please donate and support children

There are so many children in the world who need our help. What is special about this group of young people?

And if that is not enough, these students are DEAF and MUTE. They require a special education environment to learn and become as productive as those gifted with all the senses.

Thankfully, such a school exists: The National School for the Deaf (NSFD) was established in 1965 by the Sierra Leone Society for the Deaf. It is a voluntary and non-governmental organization. NSFD relies on charity support and has only minimal support from the local government. For this Holiday Season, Humaniq and Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone have partnered to provide that support!

Currently, there are 80 pupils studying in this school. They are talented and thirsty for knowledge. They need our support!

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This Holiday Season, can you help deaf and mute children from Sierra Leone’s National School for the Deaf to receive new school supplies, put on a new uniform, or even get free tuition?

To help in this endeavor, Humaniq has developed a blockchain-based platform where you can donate your cryptocurrency to support these wonderful kids!

Do you want to make a difference today?
You can donate as little as 100 HMQ to help us reach the goal of $4,800 to cover all 80 students for their needs this year.

You can also opt in for supporting just one student for the whole year by donating only $61.00!

Or you can select among any particular item from the list (school uniform, stationary, school bags, shoes, or teacher’s support).

(And yes, if you'd like to share your gift in Bitcoins, Ether, or other currency, we'll accept it too!)


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If you don't own HMQ, that's ok. Here is a guide on how to exchange your money for HMQ:

Or you can donate directly on

Donate today to make a difference!

Thank you so much for partnering with Humaniq on This Holiday Season!